Real Life Accounting Group Discount Program

Over the past nine years many organizations have used our courses for accounting class work, employee training programs, and sales promotion for accounting software packages. For instance:

Educational institutions: The University of San Francisco in California, Friends University in Kansas, Milwaukee Career College in Wisconsin, Tallahassee Community College in Florida. and an adult education center in New Jersey.

Corporate businesses: H&R Block, Babcock Rent-to-Own, Net-At-Work.

Accounting software companies: People’s Choice, Cougar Mountain.

Accounting for Non-Accountants online accounting course

Purchase a minimum of 10 licenses and receive a $500 discount. This makes the cost of each individual course only $49, rather than $99. Purchase 100 or more licenses and the cost drops to $40 per license.

All purchases must be made as a group rather than individually. Once the purchase is made, you will receive a set of special access codes to be given to each individual who will be taking the course. With this special code, the individual will be able to register for the course and bypass the payment processing component.

We can track the progress of each person taking the course and can give periodic updates as requested. If testing is required, there is a mid-term and final test that can be given and graded. An additional fee of $50 per person is charged for testing.

The HEART of Accounting™ introductory course

Purchase 10 or more E-books and receive a discount of $270. This makes the cost of each E-book only $27, rather than $54. Purchase 100 or more E-books and the cost drops to $20 per E-book.

You provide the e-mail addresses of each recipient and the E-book is sent to them as an email attachment. For those who cannot receive large attachments, alternate online delivery methods are available.

Purchase 10 or more spiral-bound workbooks and receive a discount of $190.Each individual workbook costs only $40, rather than $59. Purchase of 100 or more workbooks and the cost drops to $35 per workbook.

Shipping and sales tax are extra.

There can be no test and grading for The HEART of Accounting. There is, however, a practice problem with answer sheets in the book that can be used by a monitor for internal testing.

Contact John Day directly for group purchases of either course.