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Accounting is the worldwide language of business! A business person who is not fluent in the language of business is at a severe disadvantage.

The tuition fee for Accounting for Non-Accountants is only $99.00 for a one-year subscription to the course. If at the end of one year you still need time to finish, or you want to maintain access to the course as a reference, you can renew for another year for only $9.95.

An optional mid-term and final test is available for an additional fee of $50.00 for testing and grading. The mid-term test is taken after completing Phases I - IV of the course and is based on accounting theory. The final test is taken after completing Phase VI and is based on accounting practice. When you notify us that you are ready for testing, the test will be sent via e-mail attachment. After completing the test it should be returned to us via fax (209-532-7917). The test will be graded and a grading letter will be sent via regular mail. The testing option can be found on the Course Purchase page.

If you choose to purchase both courses we offer a $30.00 discount. For instance, if you purchase Accounting for-Non Accountants and The HEART of Accounting E-book the cost would normally be $153.00. With the discount the cost is $123.00. If you decided on the spiral-bound workbook rather than the E-book, the cost would normally be $158.00. With the discount the cost is $128.00.

If you are interested in volume discounts for corporate employee training programs or accounting education classes be sure to visit our Group Discount page.

Prove it to yourself – read the course Introduction and take the first study section, FREE, before making your decision. Your name, email address, and zip code are all that are needed.

If, upon completion of the course, you are not fully satisfied, your tuition fee is 100% refundable.

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Make sure you take a look at the FREE Articles by John Day, even if you decide not to take the preview or enroll in the course today. They are packed full of useful information regarding small business accounting issues and solutions. You will find examples of journal entries and accounting practice tips not found in any textbooks.

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