Who will benefit from the Online Course?

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Owners & Managers

Are you frustrated because you can't communicate adequately with your accountant or bookkeeper? Your ability to ask intelligent questions on accounting issues will command respect from colleagues and employees. This course offers tips, techniques and short-cuts you won’t find in a text book. Examples used in the class are from common experiences found in small companies like yours.

Or, perhaps you are an accounting manager who needs to provide staff training in accounting. This course can provide your staff with a basic accounting foundation, making your job of teaching much easier.

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Treasurers of non-profit organizations

Treasurers of small non-profit organizations usually volunteer for the job. However, they often have no training in the field of finance, but are expected to stand before a Board of Directors and report on the organization’s financial condition. This course can provide you with the accounting background necessary to fulfill your responsibilities as treasurer.

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Loan officers & bank personnel

Loan officers frequently review customer’s business financial statements. However, as a loan officer, you may not have had the opportunity to learn how all of the general ledger accounts interact with each other. For instance, is there continuity in the customer’s business equity accounts from year to year? Without good grounding in the fundamentals of general ledger account activity, you could be easily fooled into making a bad loan. Use this course to sharpen your skills without having to return to school to attend a career course in accounting 101.

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Financial planners

Financial planners often have clients who own small businesses. The business is usually an integral part of the client’s total financial picture. Financial planners should know how to read and interpret a business financial statement. For example, you should be able to explain to your client that his debt-to-equity ratio is too high; that the business is under-capitalized; or his receivables are not being collected in a timely manner, etc. Build client appreciation, respect and confidence by serving all their financial planning needs.

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Bookkeepers and office staff

Often a bookkeeper may acquire some accounting skills, but does not learn how all the general ledger accounts function. This lack of knowledge can be a hindrance to the bookkeeper who would like to qualify for more responsibility (and higher pay). This bookkeeping course of instruction can fill those gaps and open up new career opportunities.

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College students

Accounting for Non-Accountants, a short, step-by-step program in accounting basics, benefits students in several ways:

  • Students feeling unprepared for or overwhelmed by formal college accounting courses, find Accounting for Non-Accountants an excellent primer for building confidence.
  • Students struggling to make headway in courses on economics and finance, receive the background they need in order to understand and succeed in these courses.
  • Non-business majors, such as artists, programmers, writers, etc., grasp the essentials of accounting so that they can succeed in starting their own business.
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Anyone who needs a fast review of accounting

Often in business (or any field), changes require us to take on new challenges. Such events may require you to bone up on skill sets you have not used for a while.

If accounting is a skill set of yours, and you would like a quick review of the basics to meet that new challenge, this online accounting education is for you.