Contact John Day

For questions regarding Real Life Accounting courses, please contact John Day, using the information at right. And please keep in mind that John Day loves to teach. Therefore, if you get stuck, don't hesitate to call on him. He will work patiently with you until you get it.

If you would like to hire John to consult on accounting issues for your business, please review the fee schedule below and email a description of your needs to John and his associate, Barbara Aue, CPA, will review your request to determine which of them can provide you with the most appropriate assistance. One of them will contact you for further discussion.

After consulting with you and agreeing on the estimated time to complete the engagement, a 50% retainer fee will be required before work begins. The consulting fee rate is $100 per hour. When the retainer fee is used up, a reevaluation of the remaining time to complete the engagement will be determined in consultation with you. A 50% retainer fee for that amount will be required at that time. This process is repeated until the engagement is finished.