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Available Courses

The HEART of Accounting - A 4-hour introductory course in accounting essentials. Includes a bonus section with 100 practice journal entries. Available in two formats:

  • E-book (PDF) download $54.00.
  • Printed spiral bound workbook $59.00 plus $6.00 shipping.

Accounting for Non-Accountants - A comprehensive 20-hour ONLINE course in accounting basics. Certificate of Completion awarded upon graduation. Available by subscription:

  • One year course subscription $99.00.
  • One year renewal $9.95.

Why Understand Accounting?

Real Life Accounting courses show you how accounting works in your business or organization. This knowledge allows you to:

  • Save money at tax time
  • Manage the growth of your company
  • Improve your opportunities for credit
  • Get the best price if you decide to sell your business
  • See at a glance how well your business is performing

Instructor Assistance

Need help or have a question regarding your accounting class work? For immediate assistance simply call or e-mail John Day, course author. Need consulting on non-course accounting problems? Click here to submit a request and for the fee schedule.

Accounting Articles

Take advantage of our storehouse of over 120 articles related to small business accounting issues and solutions. These articles provide excellent supplementary reading for those taking the Real Life Accounting courses. The articles are packed full of examples of journal entries, tips and techniques used by professional accountants you will never find in a textbook.

The articles are organized by theme and available to all visitors whether you sign up for a course or not. They are written in plain English for the non-accountant. To find a topic you are interested in click here.

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